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Acupuncture Healthcare

Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or suffering with headaches?

Ready to feel relaxed, balanced and live up to your potential?

Step 1

Make an appointment and identify the unique imbalances underlying your symptoms

Step 2

Get to the root of the problem and address these imbalances with acupuncture

Step 3

Restore your sense of calm, regain control of your health and live your best life

Phone                   07714 721969 (calls or texts welcome)

Email                     Sarah@AcupunctureHealthcare.co.uk

Please read my Covid-19 secure policy which I will continue to follow meticulously. We are now fully open for acupuncture for all.

Thank you for trusting me with your care and allowing me to support you at this time. I continue to work hard to make sure your experience at the clinic is as safe as it can be.