“I have more energy, more positivity, more space somehow to relax.”

If you haven’t tried acupuncture – or even if you have – I would urge you to go and see Sarah. I have had acupuncture in the past for muscle tension/sports injuries and always found it useful but mostly temporary. However, Sarah is on another level. I started regular sessions with Sarah nearly two years ago and it has been transformational. A journey, not only into rapid recovery from injuries that, previously, stubbornly refused to repair, but also into a feeling of general well being. An instant mood tonic. My job is, and my life generally is, incredibly busy and stressful and although I am a natural sceptic about treatments I don’t fully understand, there is no doubting the huge benefits I experience from each treatment. I have more energy, more positivity, more space somehow to relax. This is not a one-off hit at the time of treatment but rather something which lasts between treatments. I can’t recommend Sarah enough – she is incredibly knowledgable, calm and reassuring and she intuitively knows how to make you feel relaxed and to get the best from your treatment. The needles do not hurt at all (and I run from injections!). I have recommended Sarah to a number of my friends and acquaintances and all of them, without fail, have had positive results. I am almost reluctant to spread the word … as there is only one Sarah!

DH, August 2020

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